The General’s Daughter ABS CBN

The General’s Daughter ABS CBN

The general’s daughter abs cbn is a Philippine drama television series which made the headlines even before its air. The general’s daughter abs cbn is an action drama series which is voiced on pinoy channel.  The show is premiered on 21 Jan, 2019 & gnatched the attention of people in all over the globe. The general’s daughter teleserye is considered to be the largest & most iconic series of the new year.

The Danica Mae S. Domingo & Rondel P. Lindayag created the general’s daughter abs cbn.David Franche Diuco, Li Candelaria & Adrelle Emil V. Alfonso has written the general’s daughter abs cbn story.The show is directed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo & Mervyn B. Brondial. The running time of The general’s daughter teleserye is 30 to 45 minutes.

The general’s daughter abs cbn trailer

For the first time ,the general’s daughter abs cbn trailer was launched in December, 2018 .Then different teasers were displayed on the channel. The general’s daughter abs cbn trailer was an eye catching & had a huge impact on the viewers. The show seemed interesting & thrilling. It grabbed the best reviews from the critics & made headlines on news channels & newspapers.

The general’s daughter abs cbn trailer was fast paced & seemed enticing. The show is already famous in all around the world for being the most expensive series of the year. I must say that this series is worth of your time & interest. The general’s daughter abs cbn full trailer is available on Youtube & different other websites which are related to abs cbn network.

The general’s daughter abs cbn cast

The general’s daughter abs cbn cast is comprised of super intelligent & grand actors who have already blown the screens with their fabulous stunts & action. The general’s daughter abs cbn cast stars Angel Locsin as 2nd Lt. Rhian Bonifacio/ Arabella de Leon, Paulo Avelino as Franco Segismundo.

JC de Vera as Capt. Ethan del Fierro, Arjo Atayde as Elai Sarmiento, Ryza Cenon as 1st Lt. Jessie de Leon, Tirso Cruz III as Gen. Santiago “Tiago” Guerrero, Albert Martinez as Brigadier Gen. Marcial de Leon, Eula Valdez as Corazon de Leon, Janice de Belen as Amelia Guerrero & Maricel Soriano as Isabelle “Nanang Belle” Sarmiento are included in leading roles.

The general’s daughter abs cbn story

The general’s daughter abs cbn story is amazingly written. The general’s daughter abs cbn story covers the life of Angel Locsin, who will play Rhian Bonifacio. She is the daughter of a respected military general. Her brother is died & her mother holds a grudge against Marcial who is a general as well. Rhian carves for parental affection & tries her best to get love from her parents.

She is brought up with a mind that Marcial is biggest enemy & she has to take revenge. She becomes a part of military as a spy. Instantly, she gets involved in Marcial & his family. Her mind begins to change. Missions begin & her love life too starts.

Later, she discovers her true identity that she is the biological daughter of Marcial. While the pretending father was just using her as a weapon against his enemies. From here, the true action begins which will race the blood in veins.

I must say that The general’s daughter abs cbn story is a master piece & the grand cast will do justice with their roles. It is given the name of biggest teleserye by critics & its pilot episode has got the highest ratings.

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