Ipaglaban Mo! Pinoyflix

Ipaglaban Mo! Pinoyflix

Ipaglaban Mo! Pinoyflix is an amazing pinoy channel show which tops the list of the most watched serials of Philippines. Ipaglaban Mo! is a legal drama anthology. The series presents the actual cases & crimes which are brought & justified in Supreme Court & Court Of Appeals. The series is also known as Kapag Nasa Katwiran, Ipaglaban Mo!, Kapag May Katwiran & Ipaglaban Mo!So this show is very important for law students.

Ipaglaban Mo 2018

Ipaglaban Mo 2018 is a revival of original Ipaglaban Mo which was aired in 1992 for the first time. It ran from July 11, 1988 – August 14, 1992. Later, it was shifted to ABS-CBN August 16, 1992 – March 7, 1999. Its content & quality was high class so it proved a block buster & gained huge interest of people from all around the globe.

After more than 2 decades, it was again premiered in 2014 by ABS-CBN. For the five years of its long run, it topped the chart & got many awards. The show is presented by Atty. Jose C. Sison & Jopet S. Sison. Its running time is one hour. The series has released 213 episodes which are amazing & a must watch.The series is produced by Dreamscape Entertainment Television (2014–present) & Star Creatives (2016–present).

Ipaglaban Mo 2018 covers a wide range of issues; so it is catching the attention of viewers & gaining their interest. The main purpose of the how is to educate lay people & spread awareness about crimes. This is displayed to prepare the people & inform them about the sensitivity of issues so that they may tackle the problems if they face any such problem in their future.so this show is like a awareness for the people.

Ipaglaban Mo Host

Ipaglaban Mo Host has a vital role in making this show a mega hit. At that time it became a mega hit show.Ipaglaban Mo Host is a father son duo who are setting the screens on fire. Their hosting skills are of another level & they compel you to engage in watching & thinking to solve the mysteries. They have won Best host awards & are praised for their flawless hosting command.

Ipaglaban Mo Host is Jose C. Sison who hosted the show from 1988 to 1999 & became famous. He is hosting the show again from 2014 to present. Jopet S. Sison is also hosting the show brilliantly. He hosted the show from 2014 to 2016. Then he went on an election leave for a few months but soon he rejoined the show & is hosting till this day.

Ipaglaban Mo Kakampi full episode Update

Ipaglaban Mo Kakampi full episode was really amazing. Ipaglaban Mo Kakampi full episode threw the light on the rationale issue of love & rape. The episode was executed brilliantly & it got the highest rating of 6.1%.Oh good and amazing it was.

It spread the awareness about the child abuse, its developing factors & carelessness of the fellow mates In Ipaglaban Mo Kakampi full episode, domestic abuse played the main role in keeping the victim silent & to not let her call for help.

All the scenarios were interwoven superbly & covered the positive as well as negative aspects of blind trust. The culprit is death sentenced at the end of episode but I must say, the trauma of the victim will never end. Who knows if she will be able to spend a normal life again.

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