Halik Pinoy Teleserye Story and Cast

Halik teleserye is a 2018 pinoy drama television series which covers the sophisticated issue of betrayal in love. Carlo Po Artillaga & Cathy O. Camarillohave directed Halik. Halik story is written by the well known writers of Philippine including Maribel Ilag, Chie Floresca, Raymund Barcelon  Jose Ruel L. Garcia, Edeline B. Romero & Arnold Galicia.

Halik cast includes Jericho Rosales, Yen Santos, Sam Milby and Yam Concepcion in the lead characters. Halik teleserye was premiered on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide via The Filipino Channel on August 13, 2018. The show replaced the popular series Since I Found You. The show is refreshing yet intense.

Halik Teleserye Start

Halik teleserye start was outstanding to say the least. Halik teleserye start with exploring the lives of two couples who are married. Their lives are filled temptation, discontentment, misunderstandings, and other relationship problems and issues. So both couples are exhausted & frustrated. As the story will progress, more developments of characters will be unfolded and relvealed.

Jacky (Yen) and Lino (Jericho) are the main characters who fell in love with each other. But the circumstances stand in their way & don’t let them unite. Soon they move on. Their journey begins in the separate direction & they again fall in love with Ace (Sam) and Jade (Yam) respectively. They marry their new lovers respectively.

But as you know the past memories & lust always haunts, they also fall a prey to the lost love. They make their married lives hell. Their unfaithfulness leads their married lives to clashes & misunderstandings. They fight to keep their marriage & cover their wrong doings. They do whatever they can do to keep their married lives but here the fate intertwines.

The story moves forward in a filmy way but maintains to catch the attention of viewers. Halik simply points out the main reason of broken marriages which is betrayal for sure. Once you lost the trust of somebody, you can’t get it back. The story still has to reveal what the destiny holds for them.

Halik Cast

Halik cast holds the credibility to fill its canvas with colors & make it a masterpiece with their extra oridinary acting skills. What can be more amazing than this (a serial who covers a real issue in the most convincing manner with the star studded cast). The leading role has been playes byJericho Rosales in Halik cast as Catalino “Lino” Bartolome who is a furniture designer, principal of Dos Disenyos, Jade’s husband and Jacky’s childhood friend and ex-boyfriend.

Yen Santos is playing the role of Jacqueline “Jacky” Montefalco-Corpuz, Sam Milby as Ace Corpuz, Jacky’s husband & Yam Concepcion as Jade Flores-Bartolome. Halik cast is playing roles really well with the best efforts & energy.

Halik Time Schedule

Halik Time Schedule is really good as it is voiced on a time when most of the viewers are having their free time. It is a night time show which is on aired in weekdays. The time lot of its one episode is about of 30-35 minutes.

Halik January 7, 2019 Pinoy Channel

Halik January 7, 2019 episode was really interesting show. It mesmerized the viewers & gave them giggles at the same time. I must say that this episode hooked the viewers & refreshed them with its breeziness, light humor & thrill. It was a must watch for the people who love to watch guilty pleasures. The story is fast pacing & throwing the light on the controversial issue of lost love. I hope it will unfold new twists in the upcoming episodes as well.

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